Paul Dobson

Wood County Prosecuting Attorney


Wood County is a standalone community to live in, work in and protect. The Wood County Prosecutor’s Office strives to provide services which uphold the citizens of our county in the manner you expect. The office consists of the Criminal, Juvenile and Civil Divisions as well as Victim/Witness and C.Y.C.L.E. The Criminal Division is responsible to answer the most serious crimes which disturb the peace of our community. The Juvenile Division prosecutes juvenile offenders, providing consequences while remaining focused on restoration. The Civil Division provides legal representation for many county officials and agencies which serve the public. Victim/Witness services seek to assist individuals throughout the criminal justice process. C.Y.C.L.E. provides programs in cooperation with youth, community and law enforcement. The Wood County Prosecutor’s Office is proud and honored to be of service to you. It is my hope the information contained within this website will provide relevant information for your assistance.